Not your grandpappy’s taproom

While he is welcome here too, our lounge features high back chairs and couches and is dimly lit, keeping the vibe chill and intimate for all.

Beer not your thing?

Well, we’ve got you covered with wine, tons of hot flavored tea, and hookah. Our food menu features small shareable plates to add unity to your community.

Acts, naturally

We keep a full schedule of events with a wide variety of acts occupying our stage. Our Wednesday Open Mic Night is legendary.

Free-Range Robot

Mad Robot is proud to remain small, interdependent, quirky, and welcoming to all. Let us know how we might accommodate better for you and your fellow humans.


Founded June of 2018, in Boca Raton, Mad Robot Brewing Company & Quixotic Lounge resides at the birthplace of beloved Florida brewery, The Funky Buddha.

MRBC came to be when Ryan Sentz- owner & founder of The Funky Buddha, noticed that his best foot forward was walking to the production brewery and he would have to pass the torch in a good way. He approached friend, Allen Steen, about buying and rebranding the lounge and micro– now nano– brewery in Boca Raton. As an avid beer love-maker and award-winning (he won’t tell you that himself but he isn’t writing this) home-brewer, Allen jumped at the opportunity. At the speed of light, with his wife, Natalia and close comrades Cass and the dynamic duo, Josh and Katy, at the helm, the team made it their sworn duty to put a shiny new space-age face on the lounge while maintaining the heart & soul of this time-tested quirky & welcoming establishment.

Mad Robot focuses on providing quality beers
that are very flavor forward.

We strive to combine and layer unique flavors in our wide variety of brews. Our beers are brewed on a single barrel system- a rarity in the craft beer world. Our small system is a large asset, allowing us more flexibility than larger breweries. As well, this flexibility in technique, flavor, and ingredient means you will find some beers at MRBC, that you just can’t get anywhere else. And the little cherry on top of all of this might be that a small brewing system means we’ll be brewing more often, tasting and perfecting. We like that.

MRBC & Quixotic Lounge is more than just the fantastic beer.

We offer small bites that are meant to be shared, over 30 variety of teas, wines, and over 40 hookah flavors. We also have a heavy rotation of acts, including local musicians and comedians, that grace our stage. Every Tuesday is our Open Jam Night for musicians and every Wednesday is our legendary All Arts Open Mic Night, which benefits Boca Helping Hands for families in need. All of this encapsulates what MRBC values most: uniqueness and community.

Why Robots?

Well, sit down children and listen to the dumbest story ever told:
In college, Allen and Josh were very competitive when it came to beer pong. Of course, they were playing with a lot of cheap fizzy beer back then, and not the quality brews they prefer today.

At some point, probably around 3 am and after a long day of playing pong, Allen and Josh began talking trash to their friends, ie. competitors. They came up with this narrative about being robots who were programmed for one thing and one thing only: to destroy humans in beer pong. Their friends, rightfully so, found it to be incredibly annoying, which only encouraged Allen and Josh more. After every shot they made, they would break into a 3 minute Robot dance. They spoke like robots. They “communicated” to each other in binary code. This went on for the better part of a year, every time they played beer pong. They truly were the worst. For better or worse, this can be seen as the birth of Mad Robot Brewing. Can we move on now?

Why Quixotic?

The etymology of Quixotic comes from Miguel de Cervantes’ famous novel, Don Quixote. It means: exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical, marked by rash lofty romantic ideas or extravagantly chivalrous action; starry-eyed.

To Allen, it seemed like a perfect fit for the lounge. Not only does it sum up the unpredictability and romantic reach of idealism that the lounge represents, it also encapsulates the way he views his own journey. Leaving a good and steady paying job to pursue your dreams of brewing beer for a living could definitely be described as rash and starry-eyed.

We support the humble Homebrew

MRBC also sells homebrew supplies and equipment to local homebrewers. Our homebrew shop also serves as overflow from the lounge during certain events. It offers a quiet refuge for patrons during live events in our lounge. The homebrew shop is equipped with tables and couches and offers a unique experience to drink amongst the actual grain that may be in the beer you are obviously enjoying.